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Screen 99 is a technical glass cleaner, which has been specially developed to meet the requirements of computer monitor and television users. A dirt free monitor is a basic prerequisite in this field for pleasant easy work in an ergonomically organised workplace. Because of the inevitable build-up of static electricity, every monitor screen attracts dirt, and from time-to-time, requires thorough, gentle, streak free cleaning with Screen 99.
Improves legibility on screens by removing dust, grease, nicotine deposits, finger marks and other streaks and smudges. Suitable for all glass surfaces.

Kontakt IPA Universal cleaner for electronics, fine mechanics and optics; Kontakt IPA is 99.7% pure isopropanol in a spray can. The ready-to-hand aerosol enables a pinpointed, clean application. Ideal as a multi-purpose cleaner to improve the performance and reliability of electronic equipment. Kontakt IPA is extremely pure and evaporates completely leaving no residue and is non staining on glass and blank metals. An extension tube is supplied for hard to reach areas. Application is for use in cleaning thermal print heads, magnetic heads of VCR and audio heads, disc drive, optics, mirrors and polished metal surfaces. Also suitable for cleaning printed circuit boards and the removal of resin based lubricants and water resistant felt tip inks.

Dust Off 67 is a product made out of high pressure, non-flammable, liquid gas blend that acts like compressed air offering a jet of dry gas to remove dust and airborne contamination from very delicate or inaccessible areas of electrical and electronic equipment. Quick and safe, blows away lint, oxide particles and dry contaminants. Helps to eliminate failures caused by fluids. To be used where it is difficult to remove dust using conventional methods, in industry and around the home.

Label Off 50 for the easy removal of self-adhesive labels which is generally a time-consuming task. If the mechanical removal of labels might cause scratches, Label Off 50 is the ideal solution. Label Off 50 is a powerful dissolving agent for all paper adhesive labels. A quick and gentle separation from surfaces such as glass, china, wood, metal, paper etc. Also suitable for the removal of natural greases, resins and fingerprints.